Paolo Pampanoni


Paolo Pampanoni is an architect who lives and works in Umbria where, in 2000, he founded a studio specialised in architecture for work and design.

His “modus operandi” is based on a  “performance principal” according to which every aspect of the design of space or products must lead to a formal, functional, technical or economic performance.

His short, but intense, experience as a production consultant has aided him in developing an original design method applied to offices and work spaces which, starting from an analysis of the job, a strategies assessment, an equipment survey, a time and methods analysis, makes it possible to develop projects which truly respect the client’s needs.

In 2003, in collaboration with Carlo Scopetti, he began working in industrial design, planning equipped partitions for offices and complex furnishing systems for which he also follows the development and prototyping.

Today the Studio Pampanoni deals in designing industrial products and the artistic direction for many Italian companies, as well as the design of the offices for corporate centres, offices and stores.

He has designed the Be, H2O, Zip Collections and the Tempo partition for Della Rovere.

Per Della Rovere ha disegnato la Collezione Lithos, eKompi, Be, Parete Tempo, i Divani H2O e Zip.