The ideal office

Arredamento Ufficio da Della Rovere

Office furniture Della Rovere: the perfect office


Each of us spent most of his life in the workplace, and the other part of the time available is spent in bed. For this reason, it is necessary already at design time, create an ideal work environment for themselves and for their employees or colleagues. The following information, they want to help the reader to orient themselves well in front of the right choice of furnishing solutions for office and move into a world unknown to most people.
The buildings cost more than furniture, good design and a good premise help you live better!
Learn all the tips for office furniture Della Rovere.

It is the business card of each company, it has to be considered as a fundamental and main element of the company. It is useful, not essential, to insert the company logo in the reception.

Rules: the receptionist's place must be comfortable in order to work as in a real desk to carry out all the office tasks when not answering the phone or not welcoming people. It is possible to add the hospitality, which is a useful element for receiving people who need to sign documents, sit down to speak with the operator or to facilitate people with disabilities


They belong to the owner or to a manager of great responsibility. Basically they must fully satisfy the aesthetic and practical taste of those who experience it, without compromise. Therefore there are no particular rules except useful advice


Never interpose the PC between the office user and the interlocutor. The computer must be placed on the side on a console or on a return, so that whoever is in front of it feels at ease, without barriers.

Try not to receive in one’s office but to use meeting rooms. In the case of very large spaces inside the presidential office, it is possible to recreate a small meeting space in the room itself.

Do not fill the room with many storage cabinets (for that there are assistants), but give a feeling of welcoming atmosphere, almost a home environment, where photos and personal objects are placed.

Office walls must be strictly "closed", that is, blind to prevent internal viewing.

Privacy for this type of office must be very high. In the presence of transparent glass it is necessary to install Venetian blinds.

It is possible to consider including a small refrigerator inside the furniture


It is objectively smaller in size.The advice is to involve the user in the purchase of furniture by giving him a budget and a "guided" choice on certain collections, materials and colours.

Rules: they should never receive people inside the office. Lateral PC position, but not mandatory, maximum 2 chairs in front of the desk, preferably 1 without armrests and wheels. Consistent storage. Transparent walls in order to allow the user to easy control and communication with his subordinates.


Open spaces are useful for safeguarding the space and making the best use of the available meters of the building. Being "open", they can never be completely silent and noise-free. Therefore, operators must be placed in these positions after a careful analysis of each one's work. It is extremely important the use of workplace "verticality" through movable partitions, and the personalization of the workplace.

                                     Rules, advice and positivity of open space:

                                    The workplace must be really easy to move.

It is essential to create visibility and simple communication between colleagues

Using "unusual" forms of desks such as 120 ° allows a better use of space and a better possibility for the operator to work

The use of  partition wall, after an intelligent computerised design, as a desk hook allows significant savings in economic terms.

In fact, it is often not necessary to buy the "legs" of the desk, but only walls and desktops.

Vertical support of the "work objects" through trays.

Workplace customization.

Use of the different wall heights to create more sound-absorbing environments, but never completely isolated.


Possibility of easily creating closed but open offices.

A careful study of the open space layout saves a lot of space and therefore a lot of money.


It is the most suitable place to receive guests or colleagues, better than any private office. In fact, private offices are generally messy and full of paper and cables. The meeting room can have from 4 to infinite places (within the limits of the room capacity of course) and has to be "beautiful" because it represents the second business card after the reception.

Rules: chairs must be without armrests in order not to struck the table and without wheels, so that they are in place even at the end of the meeting. It is important that they are height adjustable .

Remember, at the design stage, to dedicate some space where company presentations, films or slides can be projected. Wiring is very important. Wi Fi internet access is a real plus. A good lighting system allows to have the right light even while using the video projector during a meeting.

Insert, if possible, a console to place material useful for the meeting or coffee and anything else necessary.

They should preferably be booked, possibly with a net program. Della Rovere can provide a booking program free of charge.

Side walls should be transparent, possibly silk-screened. If glass solution is used, a wooden panel at eye level allows any people passing through the corridors to glimpse a dynamic company at work without clearly recognising peoples’ faces. It is useful and possible to insert a Venetian blind inside the walls in order to make complete privacy.



It is essential to remember that our back spends from 6 to 8 hours sitting on a chair at the office and that most of the operators' chairs are cheap and harmful. The following major factors are often forgotten even for the cheapest versions of chairs, which are usually preferred by managers or owners who deal with the choice of furniture.


Firstly, the well-being of those who live every day in the workplace, secondly the inexorable passing of time that brings out for cheap chairs "old age" within 6 to 7 months. Working on chairs with armrests that move, backrest detached and wheels that do not turn are common images. The image of one's workplaces also passes through this.

Tips: buy cheap chairs for operators, but guaranteed and certified. Excessively low prices mean poor products. Backrests, armrests and wheels all with defects are the symptom of a bad purchase. By choosing from Della Rovere this is not the case, it is all strictly quality.

Rules: those who work must have a chair with medium or high back, never low. If he receives people in his office, he needs 2 chairs with armrests, but without wheels or on a cantilever base with a low back. Wheels must be able to move easily both on wooden floors and on carpet. Backrest height adjustments must work over time and should only be inserted in the operator's chair

Colours: preferably dark and possibly with plastic materials, in order to remain as clean as possible over time.

Rules are the same for managers or owners, the only difference is on the aesthetic choice and the great technical possibilities of the chair itself. I recommend the use of dark-coloured leather and where possible to insert the mesh in the backrest. 


                                       Waiting rooms must have comfortable sofas that have to possibly be of great aesthetic impact and materials because they coexist with the reception and are essential to give the right impression of the entire company.


Their function is to divide rooms in an elegant and functional way for working. The main feature is to have easily removable partitions. This feature is not secondary when purchasing. In fact, on the outside they all look similar and therefore the buyer always focuses on the price, but it the real difference is inside, that is, in the "engine".. Since the work environment is "alive", it could be a mistake focusing only on the price.

Let's make an example: plasterboard costs 30% less than equipped walls, but it is aesthetically ugly, and it is not functional at all; after some time, the only idea of ​​removing them is pulled back. If in the end you come to a decision, you would realize that the sum of the costs is far too high.

Mobile walls must be easily movable, and can be made in 3 main ways, single glass, double glass and wood. Obviously, in the cases of glass, with various and customizable serigraphs, while in the case of wood with many different types of finish.

It is possible to insert the "Venetian" curtain inside the glass to screen the rooms and it is possible to insert rock wool in the wood to acoustically isolate the wall.

Another great function of the wall is the fact that it can be equipped as a cabinet in order to insert storage inside it, creating a pleasant and uniform environment with space saving, since the wall itself is already a cabinet.