Della Rovere is furnishing WCO

The office furniture at the World Customs Organization now carry Della Rovere’s trademark.

The World Customs Organization (WCO), a global Customs organization, is the only inter-government organization exclusively focused on Customs issues. It is particularly known for its work in developing international Customs regulations, simplifying and harmonizing Customs procedures, facilitating international trade, improving the application of Customs regulations and performing anti-forgery and anti-piracy activities.

For its offices in Baku, Azerbaijan’s Capital, Della Rovere furnished the headquarters using the Lexus (Reception) collection, Life (presidential desks and meeting room), Be (task desks), office chairs and sofas.

The offices were created using the dividing partition and the equipped partition Tempo, the partition in wood and glass that allows separating the work areas elegantly and functionally.

The layout of the offices was designed by the Della Rovere’s Design Department, a service we offer to all our clients.

A few furnishings details:

Building floors: 3
Reception: 1
Presidential Offices: 2
Task Offices: 5

Meeting Room:

- Presidential: 1 x 60 seats;
- Task: 2 x 30 seats
- Task: 1 x 20 seats 
- Task: 1 x 09 seats
- Task: 1 x 04 seats

Chairs per office: 155

Sofas per office: 5

Della Rovere desks, chairs, sofas, cabinets, dividing partitions, equipped partitions, meeting tables for offices.