Nuova TCM Pesaro

TMC works since 35 years in the mechanical precision industry. From small workshop to company leader in mechanical ...

TMC works since 35 years in the mechanical precision industry. From small workshop to company leader in mechanical subcontracting industry, it manufactures and works under customer’s project: mechanical sets and components of every kind and dimension. TMC has ordered for its seat in Pesaro to company Della Rovere to work on a project deriving from the need of dividing up a wide area in a working area supposed to satisfy the most different functional as well as aesthetical needs, which is so closely linked to modern planning of office furniture.

The building is set on two floors: a  ground floor and a first floor where there are areas meant for offices, meeting rooms and  technical compartment.

In order to divide up and arrange that area and consequently set up independent working environments we have selected Tempo partition equipped wall in melamine light oak: a real system frame with a sober and elegant design, whose innovative internal structure in steel and aluminium allows a real quick assembling. Thanks to its modularity it hasn’t been difficult at all to find a good solution to a quite difficult environment’s architecture defined by several centrepieces.

Since we had to do with a mixture of settings we have selected furnishing solutions inspired to several collections belonging to our Executive and  Systems range of products. Versatility, neatness and valuable materials: all that combined together is the usual way Della Rovere introduces its collections, which were born to furnish working environments made just for mankind and his well-being.

The first impression whenever entering the main offices’ area is of great importance. For that reason Della Rovere counted on design of desk Zero, designed by Karim Rashid since that product is a concrete result of a change in office furniture. Design, elegance and functionality are features of that project standing out for form and innovation. The use of innovative materials which are unusual for office furniture:  that is thermosetting resins and reinforced with fibreglass and high density polyurethane.

Partition walls are equipped with a tall satin white semi-transparent glass door, for the admittance to working environments and with  panels with double glass upper sections which enable to look through, towards the inside.