MIMIT - Identitalia exhibition

MIMIT celebrates Made in Italy with Identitalia exhibition

This exhibition, with a intentionally evocative title, has the great merit of celebrating corporate brands that accompany and have accompanied the growth of our country.

We are deeply proud of the production capacity of our production system, because the success of our entrepreneurs and the passion they put into their work  are the flagship of the Italy System

And the calling card of our "Made in Italy in the world “

Minister Adolfo Urso at Palazzo Piacentini, headquarters of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, in February, opens with these words the inauguration of the “Identitalia, The Iconic Italian Brands” , exhibition dedicated to some of the most important historical brands, who have made and are making the history of the country.

Della Rovere contributes to the furnishing of the exhibition space and adds a new important piece, with its contribution as a leader in the world of designer furniture!