Soft staves, adjustable positions – fixed or moveable – ergonomic armrests and colour variations renew the joy of comfortably sitting at work every day. The Della Rovere Office task chair program unfolds in 3 collections: presidential, executive and waiting. Our concept and perspective of sitting while working changes from time to time. A sinuous design and comfortable enveloping contours create a convenient and functional space. In the classic version, wood meets leather, creating office task chairs with a solid secure look. Shocking colours convey light and technology, soft tones inspire relaxation: the office space is coloured with positive and stimulating sensations. A complete collection, for easy, immediate communication. Generally, office task chairs are the fundamentals of the work environment being the element we are most in contact with in the office.
The Della Rovere Chairs are, of course, perfectly integrated with the furniture pieces proposed in the other Della Rovere Collections, contributing to the creation of a pleasant work area to live from day to day.



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