Less thick, sophisticated technical materials. The lines of the new leg reflect the taste for purity of shape. Prestigious with the chrome plate finish, elegant in the satin finished version.
The office Reception desk is a company's business card and should be considered as a key element and main feature of the company. They are constituted by curved and linear vertical panels, covered in walnut, mahogany, maple, aluminium, white and dark oak finish and a white satin finish glass top. They can be equipped with work tops, also coated in wood finishes.

Thanks to 90°, 60°, 45° angled connections and the new Hospitality elements that are linear and 60° bent, many combinations and shapes can be achieved. The product itself is open to multiple interpretations, not only for the office reception desk areas, but for meeting tables or to create welcome areas. Della Rovere allows you to customise the office reception desk with your logo!

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