To rediscover the purity of material, to place the accent on the beauty of the surfaces, to understand that there is no need for superfluous things.

Della Rovere introduces Lithos, the new Executive collection designed by Architect Paolo Pampanoni.

Lithos is the Executive Furniture Collection for offices in melamine material, 4 centimetres thick. Solid, strong, elegant and versatile, it allows combining functionality and design to furnish the work spaces of even the most demanding customers. 

The basic colours are 4: Dark Oak, Natural Walnut, Elm, and Oak, but Lithos allows combining them to obtain a significant range of choices.

There are also different sizes available for desks, cabinets, service elements and drawer units.  The desk surface can be extended with front and side extensions.

The main feature of the collection is the “Presidential” desk that allows assembling also the integrated service elements

In addition to the aesthetic and functional details, important attention was paid to the price, which is extremely competitive. 



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