Operative systems which meet the needs of the office workers’ well being, guided by the philosophy of creating comfortable, welcoming, stimulating and people-centred areas.
LEGODESK is an operative collection of office furniture by Della Rovere. It is made of melamine with worktops 2,5 cm thick and metal structure; its legs are 7 x 3 cm both in the ope and framed version. The system is designed to organize the office with multiple solutions: desks, side extensions and typing desk.
- Worktops and melamine parts: white, maple, walnut, natural walnut, dark oak, oak and elm.
- Structure legs: white or grey laquered
- Desks metal accessories: anthracite, aluminum and white.
- Cable-way management: neutral colors with the exception of the eko-pass an I-pass models which are available with the flip with the same finish as melamine.
1. Tops are made of melamine class E1 thickness 25 mm.
2. The perimeter of the top is finished with matching ABS edge thickness 2 mm., with rounded corners according to safety regulations.
Cable Way
All tops can be equipped with different types of cable-way management. To order a desk with cable-way management you need to identify the code of the desk, the code of the cable-way with its location and the type of cable-way you want to install.
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