Less thick, sophisticated technical materials. the lines of the new leg reflect the taste for purity of shape. Prestigious with the chrome plate finish, elegant in the lacquered finished version.
The new Segno collection, the fruit of intense research, combines functionality and design, where pureness of form are seen in a net, decisive mark. A well-defined mark that delineates the work settings, indelible as it traces the rules of an important minimalism, an elegant order, entertaining in grand style. Simple lines with an innovative design, technical and sophisticated lines. Segno revolutionises the concept of practicality where space is at man’s service and where the superlative is eliminated: but the essential always unveils something important, something extremely sophisticated. Smooth surfaces, soft and pleasant to the touch: the union of cold metal and the warm colours of the wood table offer the perception of absolute equilibrium. Design becomes functional, it conforms to needs and habits, it rediscovers a more versatile practicality of use. The SEGNO collection proposes executive office desks and meeting tables of a maximum simplicity that create measured furnishing geometries. Aerial, light and scintillating: like an object of the future, a prodigy of technique, it is a joy to the eyes, and not only the eyes. A style that is recognisable as an index of quality and character. The right collection for creating delightful shared spaces with style and simplicity.

Technical characteristics
Glass executive office desks, available in 2 sizes in the rectangular version 180x90 h73 and 210x90 h73 and in 2 sizes in the oval version 200x100 h73 cm and 250x120 h73 cm. The tops, in tempered glass, are 12 mm thick and are available in transparent glass.
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